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item no.: 106256802001
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specification: 2 ml


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product name: Police TO BE WOMAN
Body Lotion Gift Set for Women (2ml)
item no.: 106256802001 brand: Police
ative from: 2013-09-09 00:00:00 product size: 2 ml country of origin: Italy
function: category: Premium Gift Sets



Police Body Lotion GIFT SET,contains:

  • 【Perfumed body lotion】(100ml)
    Police women perfumed body lotion has a very silky feel to it. The moisturizer is creamy and intense but yet not heavy or oily. The lotion with very smooth texture It gets absorbed quickly, just leaving perfectly moisturized and it leaves your skin smelling divine for long hours
    How to use: Apply liberally to body after shower or bath. This lotion may be used any time to hydrate hands and body.
  • 【Natural spray Perfume for women 】(40ml)
    As modern and fresh fougere, while version for women, To Be Woman is created as a floral-fruity-musky edition. It is available in a flacon shaped like purple skull, aimed at the rebellious, energetic woman who attracts attention with her inner strength and sexiness. The composition includes floral, fruity and musky nuances. Top notes provide a fresh and juicy blend of tangerine, lime and Greeny Smith apple. A heart blooms with white flowers sweetened gently with sweet notes, while a base incorporates precious wood along with musk.
    How to use : Recommended for daytime causal wear. Apply on neck, back of the ears or pulse points after bathing or before going out.

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