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item no.: 106260512001
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specification: 150 ml
functions:WhiteningPore MinimizingNourishingAcne CareSoothingHydrating Blemish Scars


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product name: Dr. Jart+ CERAMIDIN
Creamidin Liquid Booster (150ml)
item no.: 106260512001 brand: Dr. Jart+
ative from: 2013-02-26 00:00:00 product size: 150 ml country of origin: Korea
function: WhiteningPore MinimizingNourishingAcne CareSoothingHydrating Blemish Scars category: Essence



DR. JART+ Creamidin Liquid protects dehydrating for 26 hours, and keeps original moisture.

Fills Ceramide between skin layers, and prevents dehydration.

Passed dermatology test. Hypo-allergic finish that is applicable to babies and adults.

Passed allergic test for 6 weeks. Applicable to sensitive skin.

how to use

Apply moderate amount on palms after cleansing, spread gently, and pat for absorption.


Ceramide, Licorice extract, Portulaca oleracea L. extract,Aloe vera leaves

country of origin


suitable for
all skin type / all skin type

all skin type / all skin type