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item no.: 106271102001
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specification: 90 capsule(s)
functions:ArmFaceDetoxBodyWaistFirmingBlocking AbsorptionThighMetabolismHipLower LegAnti-water Retenion


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product name: Karntien Karntien Slimming Herbs (Super Slim) 90Caps (90capsule(s)) item no.: 106271102001 brand: Karntien
ative from: 2013-05-31 00:00:00 product size: 90 capsule(s)
function: ArmFaceDetoxBodyWaistFirmingBlocking AbsorptionThighMetabolismHipLower LegAnti-water Retenion category: Slimming Food



Karntien Slimming Herbs (Super Slim)


Karntien Slimming Herbs (Super Slim) is the best selling products for over 10 years. With its precious active ingredients extracted from tip of the leaf (leaf opex) together with 2013 Supercritical fluid extraction technology, this product contains the highest content of herbal slimming complex, which could effectively burn stubborn fats and block the formation of “new” fats – more potent than other slimming supplements in the market!


This product is suitable for those who seldom do exercise, like sugars, with excessive fats deposit on all over body and is most effective on abdomen, waist, hips and legs.


Observable Effects:

~ 1week        block the new fats

~ 4weeks      destroy stubborn fats

~ 8weeks      reduce excessive fats on body part


how to use

1 cap each time, 3 times daily. Taken with warm water before meal