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item no.: 106271103001
now: US$85.20
specification: 120 capsule(s)
functions:MetabolismAnti-water RetenionWaistDetoxHipLower Leg


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product name: Karntien Kartien Slimming Herbs (120capsule(s)) item no.: 106271103001 brand: Karntien
ative from: 2012-10-30 00:00:00 product size: 120 capsule(s)
function: MetabolismAnti-water RetenionWaistDetoxHipLower Leg category: Slimming Food



Kartien Slimming Herbs
Icon: 10 Years Best Selling
10 Years Best Selling Slimming Products
Triple powers to combat troublesome fats
60 days slimming, trimming and firming
Recommended by the most loyal customers

Triple Powers to combat troublesome fats: Instantly Cleanse, Slim & Trim
The success of Karntien Slimming Partners is because they can instantly cleanse, slim & trim. With the use of different natural herbal ingredients, you can slim safely, efficiently, shapely and healthily; recommended by the most loyal customers!

Karntien Slimming Herbs - Burn Fat in High Speed, Break down troublesome fat
Karntien Slimming Herbs is a collection of herbal ingredients, targeting to excessive fat deposit in our body due to slow fat metabolism. It helps to burn fat and block excessive fat absorption and enhance fat metabolism, contributing to instant slimming effect.

The effect is obvious during adolescence and after birth. It is extremely works for abdomen, waist, hip, upper and lower legs.

how to use

Two caps. per day normally.