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item no.: 106280706001
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product name: Hisamitsu LIFECELLA Collagen Q10 + Squalane Essence Mask (5piece) item no.: 106280706001 brand: Hisamitsu
ative from: 2012-11-20 00:00:00 product size: 5 piece country of origin: Japan
function: NourishingWhiteningFirmingAnti-wrinkleHydrating  category: Paper Mask



Hisamitsu Collagen Q10 + Squalane Essence Mask contain high moisturizing hyaluronic acid ingredients with beauty fluid. Triple moisturizing features, not only could tender your skin, it can also provide you moisturizing effect. Hyaluronic acid and vitamins A giving your skin with more moist. By adding the weak acid solution, it will not bring any stimulation of your skin and do not burden your skin. Your skin could quickly become smooth and soft, the gentle nature of the product does not cause allergic reactions.

how to use

1. Take out the mask and hang the mask on your left and right ears, open the mask and paste from your eyes to chin.

2. Close the eyelids around your eyes.

3. After 5-15 minutes, the mask can be removed after your skin was fully saturated.

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