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product name: Honyaradoh AUNT MERRY
Steaming Eye Pillow (1piece)
item no.: 106296502001 brand: Honyaradoh
ative from: 2012-12-13 00:00:00 product size: 1 piece country of origin: Japan
function: category: Sleeping Eye Mask



Honyaradoh AUNT MERRY Lavender Sleeping Sheep Eye Pillow is a newly developed product in Japan. The cute sheep shape is made of soft and comfortable fabric which you can take it off and clean it. The soft outer layer will not cause allergies and is perfect to all skin type. The inside is made of tiny beads for massage purpose, which can give you a gentle massage to the skin around the eyes during your sleep. This can effectively remove puffiness and dark circles and relieve any eye fatigue.

Many a times, when we concentrate on computer or books for too long, our eyes may be dry and uncomfortable. Honyaradoh has revolutionizes the design of eye pillows—steam can be released when you use them. Sleep quality can be improved because you will feel like your eyes are being moisturized and have had “an eye treatment”. It is suitable for busy city people.

how to use

Put the Steaming Eye Pillow pour with a glass of water (100cc) into the microwave (Do not cope than 600W) oven and heat it for around 50 seconds (500W) / 40 seconds (600W), place the Sheep Eye Pillow on your eyes to give a gentle massage to the eye muscle and soothe the nerves. *Please notice a cover, the deoxidant must not heat.

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