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product name: Honyaradoh HEARTFUL FRIENDS
Aunt Merry Hand Warmer (1piece)
item no.: 106296804005 brand: Honyaradoh
ative from: 2012-12-13 00:00:00 product size: 1 piece country of origin: Japan
function: category: Stick-On Warmer



Honyaradoh Heartful Aunt Merry Hand Warmer can keep you warm after putting in a heat warmer bag. It generates heat naturally after you have opened the packing and gently shaken the inner bag.

Are you still using those conventional warmer bag in the market. They can generate heat but sometimes they put you to risk due to the excessive heat release. Hence, it’s time to try the Aunt Merry Hand Warmer. It is cute in design, soothing to hands and above all you don’t have to worry about your danger while keeping your hand perfectly warm.

how to use

Put the hand warmer and pour with a glass of water (100cc) into the microwave oven (Do not cope than 600W) and heat it for around 1 minute (500W) / 50 seconds (600W). Take it out from the microwave oven to give you warmth. *Please notice a cover, the deoxidant must not heat.

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