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product name: TouchBeauty Portable Facial Moisturizing Device (1box) item no.: 106434302002 brand: TouchBeauty
ative from: 2013-06-18 13:00:00 product size: 1 box
function: category: Facial Mist Spray



Touch Beauty Portable Facial Moisturizing Device Moisturizing face skin deeply by nano spray, relieves dry and keep skin moist

With exquisite mini water tank, you can enjoy it anytime and anywhere. Spray intelligently and constantly, make skin moist for a long time. Mini size, shiny face like a mirror, brings you fashion style.

how to use

1. Unscrew the cap of the refiller, inject purified water or toning lotion into the bottle and tighten the cap. 2. Open the water tank lid; inject purified water or toning lotion with the refiller carefully. Be sure the water level between the lowest and highest line. Close the water tank lid 3. Push the switch upward, the light will illuminate with a hint of “Di” sound. Spraying begins. 4. Keep the unit 5-10 cm distance from face when use. After working 30 seconds, it will stop spraying with two hints of “Di Di” sounds. 5. Clean with the cloth after use.