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item no.: 106437102001
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specification: 1 pair(s)
functions:Lower LegLymphatic CirculationFirming


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product name: COGIT Be Slim Balance Shape Slipper (1pair(s)) item no.: 106437102001 brand: COGIT
ative from: 2013-05-29 00:00:00 product size: 1 pair(s)
function: Lower LegLymphatic CirculationFirming category: Flip Flop



Cogit Be Slim Balance Shape Slipper is a pair of slippers for the toes. The bottom of the slipper is like a hemisphere. It allows the wearer to improve his or her leg contours while walking by stretching the parts of the legs that are seldom used, keeping balance, and shaping up the calves and the heels.

It is suitable for those who have a sole of the foot 22 – 24.5 cm long.

how to use

1. Insert the toes into the corresponding loops of the slippers, one loop for one toe. 2. Putting your weight firmly over the heels, stand up straight. 3. Walk and bend your knees. 4. As compared with ordinary slippers, this product makes you feel more tired when you wear it. So, please start with a shorter duration of wearing and lengthen the duration gradually after you have got used to this. 5. Use 5 – 10 minutes each time, 2 – 3 times a day.