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item no.: 106463202001
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specification: 30 ml
functions:FirmingBlemish ScarsAnti-oxidizingNourishingBrighteningHydrating Anti-wrinkle


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product name: Bio-Essence BIO-ENERGY SNAIL SERIES
Bio-Energy Snail Secretion Repair Serum (30ml)
item no.: 106463202001 brand: Bio-Essence
ative from: 2013-03-02 00:00:00 product size: 30 ml country of origin: Singapore
function: FirmingBlemish ScarsAnti-oxidizingNourishingBrighteningHydrating Anti-wrinkle category: Essence



Bio-Energy Snail Secretion Repair Serum

  • A rich texture which rapidly gets absorbed into the bottom skin layer. Helps to balance, nourish and rebuild skin’s hydrating system
  • Replenishes collagen, makes skin more refined, smooth and radiant; also enhances skin’s vitality
  • Reduces fine lines and wrinkles. With many different vitamins to slow down aging of skin, for a newborn like skin
  • Repairs pimple scars and marks, keeping skin smooth and refined
  • Soothes skin and protects skin against harmful pollutants
  • Restore skin’s newborn like texture, revealing a supple, refine and smooth complexion

how to use

After cleansing, apply an adequate amount evenly onto the entire face. Gently pat and massage until fully absorbed. For better results, use together with the rest of the products in the Bio-Energy Snail series.


Snail Secretion, Bio-Energy Fluid, Tremella polysaccharides, Oat glucan

country of origin


suitable for
all skin type / mature skin

all skin type / mature skin