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specification: 62 capsule(s)
functions:Anti-water RetenionMetabolismFirmingDetoxLymphatic CirculationBody


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product name: BeautySlim Beauty Slim Fruit (Plum) (62capsule(s)) item no.: 106483003001 brand: BeautySlim
ative from: 2013-02-22 00:00:00 product size: 62 capsule(s)
function: Anti-water RetenionMetabolismFirmingDetoxLymphatic CirculationBody category: Slimming Food



Beauty Slim Fruit (Plum)

This product can effectively improves bowel movement, clean away leftover stool, prevent intestinal disease, restore crystal-like skin, stabilize blood and blood sugar level, improve the fluidity of human blood, strengthen immunity and Lower cholesterol level (HDL-C).

As an active ingredient, Apple Pectin is efficacious to inhibit bad bacteria in intestines (improve intestinal regulation), improves red blood cell agglutination, inhibit reactive oxygen and cancer (especially in colon cancer

Lactic acid bacteria that was used in the market is less resistance to heat, acid and sugar. Our Rakuria-S forms spores and can reach the intestinal tract in an active form so that it can actively grow and keep intestine healthy

Our strictly-chosen Organic Black Rice Vinegar contains 18 times more amino acid than ordinary vinegar. Therefore, it is more efficient in the process of anti-oxidation and metabolism. Another important ingredient, the Plum Pulp Extract, was proven to be highly effective to improve the fluidity of human blood and in speeding up metabolism.

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