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product name: Zino Dark Circle Eye BB Eraser (7+5ml) item no.: 106490404001 brand: Zino
ative from: 2013-03-01 00:00:00 product size: 7+5 ml
function: BrighteningConcealing category: Concealer Pencil



Get the perfect eye in 1 minute

Eye Brightening .Reducing wrinkles and puffy eyes

Platinum .Vegetal Placenta .Patented formula

Zino Dark Circle Eye BB Eraser, tailor- made for Asian eyes, is developed by Korean Professional Dermatologist and authorized to manufacture. It combines platinum, placenta and patented medical ingredients. It is a dual- tube design with 4 in 1 multi- fuctions: eye brightening, anti- wrinkle, reducing puffy eyes and concealing imperfections.

Step 1: Freduce dark circles and puffiness

"Dark Circle .Eye Essence", which contains colloidal platinum, vegetal placenta, Melavax and Stay- C, can balance positive and negative ions, increase collagen proliferation, refresh and boost eye skin, as well as remove dark eye circles and eye bags.

Step 2: Reduce wrinkles and firming eyes

Apply " Dark Circle .BB Eye Cream" after eye essence. It contains Anti- wrinkle formula and Sodium Hyaluronate for smoothing wrinkle and moisturizing skin.

By combining natural pearl glitters and auto- glossy technology, it provides a silky smooth and light texture, brightens eye skin and conceals dark circles immediately. It is formulated with SPF35.PA++ which blocks full UV rays to prevent eye skin damage. It can be used alone or under eye make- up.


Dark circle and puffiness

Before: Obvious dark circle and eye puffiness

After: Reduce dark eye circle and eye puffiness


Wrinkles and fine lines


Before: Obvious wrinkles and fine lines

After: Smooth wrinkles and fine lines







how to use

Step 1: Apply eye essence to the skin under the eyes, and over to the eyelids, with light tapping motion. Morning and night use.

Step 2: Apply BB eye cream to the skin under the eyes after eye essence.

suitable for
all skin type / all skin type

all skin type / all skin type