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item no.: 106499114013
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product name: Christian Dior CAPTURE TOTALE
Multi-Perfection Creme (60ml)
item no.: 106499114013 brand: Christian Dior
ative from: 2013-08-28 00:00:00 product size: 60 ml
function: NourishingAnti-wrinkleBrighteningAnti-oxidizingFirming category: Night Cream



Christian Multi-Perfection Crème acts from the heart of the skin to the surface, to restructure, re-plump, smooth and illuminate the skin. All the visible signs of ageing are deeply corrected, leaving the skin more beautiful than ever.

Smooth, creamy and comforting, the Multi-Perfection Concentrated Creme envelops the skin in instant and lasting softness and comfort, with every application. A daily, sensorial experience of luxury, in a sophisticated and feminine beauty showcase that captures all the anti-ageing secrets of Capture Totale with one click.

how to use

Apply in the morning to the face and neck, after One Essential and/or the Multi-Perfection Concentrate for best results.

suitable for
mature skin / all skin type

mature skin / all skin type