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item no.: 106501908001
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specification: 2 piece
functions:Deep CleansingNourishing


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Deep Cleansing Oil Gift Set (2piece)
item no.: 106501908001 brand: KOKURYUDO
ative from: 2013-07-10 00:00:00 product size: 2 piece country of origin: Japan
function: Deep CleansingNourishing category: Makeup Removal Oil



Deep Cleansing Oil Gift Set, contains:

  • 【Hipitch Deep cleansing oil 】(250ml)
    With natural cleansing materials like orange oil and eucalyptus oil, KOKURYUDO Hipitch Deep Cleansing Oil instantly dissolves water-proof mascara, lipstick and suncare makeup.
    Leaves your skin clean and clear. Passed the skin allergic test.

    How to use : Apply an appropriate amount of the Deep Cleansing Oil on face to dissolve the makeup. Rinse well with water.
  • 【Deep Moisture Lotion】(150ml)
    Skin Lotion is enriched with 12 herb essences, it further strengthens the moisturizing level of your skin. rejuvenates dull skin cells and revitalizes skin cells' elasticity, bringing out a brighter more youthful complexion. It improves skin firmness and prevents the formulation of fine lines and dark spots, leaving you a bright skin tone with high translucency.
How to use : After cleansing face, take suitable amount and put onto cotton pad. Wipe it over cleaned face and neck

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