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functions:MetabolismBlocking AbsorptionAnti-water RetenionDetox


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product name: LF SLIMMING
LF Slimming Formula Plus (100piece)
item no.: 106513117001 brand: LF
ative from: 2013-05-09 00:00:00 product size: 100 piece country of origin: Hong Kong
function: MetabolismBlocking AbsorptionAnti-water RetenionDetox category: Slimming Food



LF Slimming Formula Plus

Six keys to perfect slimming ~

1) Suppression of appetite and strengthens the digestive system

2) Boosts thermogenesis

3) Blockage and elimination of oil

4) Regulate blood lipids and increase physical vigor

5) Blockage of sugars and carbohydrates absorption

6) Detoxification and increase water drainage

how to use

For Slimming: Take 2-3 capsules, 3 times a day. Ideally 30 minutes before meal. Initial effects will appear after 2 to 3 days. A basic course needs 4 - 6weeks.

For Fitness: Take 1 capsule before meal to effectively cleanse your intestine, develop the good habit of defecating daily and maintain skin texture.


  • It is suggested to drink 8-10 glasses of water each day.
  • Pregnant and breast-feeding women are not advised to take this product. Keep out of reach of children.
  • If you have suffered or are suffering from chronic diseases, under 16 years old or taking medicines, please consult doctors before taking this product.
  • Store product in a cool dry place and avoid direct exposure to sunlight.
  • If you are hypersensitive to ingredients, seek medical advice.


Psyllium Husk, Senna Leaf, Zhi Shi, Cassia Nomame, DL-Methionine, L-Carnitine, Choline Bitartrate, Inositol, Green Tea Extract, Aloe Vera, Licorice Root, Prune, Gelatin (fish product), Silicon Dioxide (anti-caking agent), Magnesium Stearate (stabilizer)

country of origin

Hong Kong

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