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item no.: 106533302001
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specification: 5 piece
functions:Hydrating Deep CleansingPeelingNourishingWhitening


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Whitening Essence Special Set (5piece)
item no.: 106533302001 brand: THE HISTORY OF WHOO
ative from: 2013-08-21 00:00:00 product size: 5 piece country of origin: Korea
function: Hydrating Deep CleansingPeelingNourishingWhitening category: Travel Sets



The History of Whoo brings luxurious skincare from Korea royal court. GongJinHyang:Seol is a whitening line suitable for all ages. This set includes: 【Whitening Essence】(45ml) This glowing moist whitening essence with ingredients from Hu’s unique royal court secret whitening method and rare wild jinseng from Jinju mountain, offers care for blemishes to even out skin tone and make it glow naturally. 【Whitening Lotion】(20ml) Wild chrysanthemum extract, an active whitening ingredient, and chihyang palbaeksan produce a whitening synergy. Giving a light, gentle and refreshing sensation, it is absorbed rapidly and leaves no stickiness or dryness, only moisture and smoothness. 【Whitening Skin Balancer】(20ml) Exotic oriental medicine-based chihyang palbaeksan ingredients and gamguksu, a simmered and cold processed wild chrysanthemum essence, are absorbed deep into skin to make it as transparent as a white gem. It boosts the effectiveness of subsequent skincare products. 【Whitening & Moisture Cream】(8ml) The new secret for whitening, a mother chrysanthemum, seolgamsan, and chillhyang palbaeksan gives bright light onto skin. It hydrates and whitening at the same time. 【Brightening Gel】(45ml) It is a gomage-type peeling product that cares the dead skin cells gently. It enhance clarity of skin tone, making it soft and bright.

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