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item no.: 106535204001
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product name: Salvador Dali SUN AND ROSES
Eau De Toilette Spray (30ml)
item no.: 106535204001 brand: Salvador Dali
ative from: 2013-07-31 00:00:00 product size: 30 ml country of origin: Italy
function: category: Eau De Toilette (EDT)



New fragrance for women from the Salvador Dali brand titled Sun & Roses comes out in April 2013. The scent of summer and garden full of roses is trying to capture that spontaneous and happy atmosphere of a sunny day and provide positive energy to women who wear it.
The composition is described as floral - fruity - musky. It opens with a playful blend of pink grapefruit, bergamot and sweet apple. A bouquet of flowers in the heart includes roses, powdery violet and delicate lily of the valley. The base is made of white musk, sandalwood, cedar and vanilla.
Top notes: pink grapefruit, pergamot, apple

Middle notes: rose, violet, lily

Base notes: white musk, sandalwood, cedar and vanilla

how to use

Recommended for daytime causal wear. Apply on neck, back of the ears or pulse points after bathing or before going out.

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