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item no.: 106539802001
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specification: 60 ml
functions:PeelingBrighteningBlackhead RemovingDark Spots RemovingWhiteningDeep CleansingSoothing


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product name: Bio-Essence SHAPE V FACE SERIES
Deep Exfoliating Gel (with Royal Jelly & ATP) (60ml)
item no.: 106539802001 brand: Bio-Essence
ative from: 2013-06-07 00:00:00 product size: 60 ml
function: PeelingBrighteningBlackhead RemovingDark Spots RemovingWhiteningDeep CleansingSoothing category: Scrub Gel



Deep Exfoliating Gel (with Royal Jelly & ATP)

  • Gently & painlessly exfoliates out blackheads and white heads

  • Exfoliates away deep layer of dead skin for better absorption of subsequent skincare products

  • Brightens dull skin, makes dry and rough skin softer and smoother

  • Regulates and balances oil secretion

  • Helps prevent pimples

  • Helps lighten scars and pimple marks

  • Improves skin texture for a refine and fair complexion

  • Makeup glides on easily, lasts longer and looks more natural

how to use

Ensure face and hands are dry. Apply an adequate amount on face and rub in circular motion until small flakes of dead skin and dirt appear. Rinse off with water and follow by a cleanser.


Bio-Energy Fluid, Bioflavonoids, Royal Jelly, Adenosine Triphosphate, Angelica and Wolfberry Extract

suitable for
all skin type / combination skin

all skin type / combination skin