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item no.: 106563302001
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product name: Christian Dior MISS DIOR
Eau de Toilette Natural Spray (EDT) (100ml)
item no.: 106563302001 brand: Christian Dior
ative from: 2013-08-20 00:00:00 product size: 100 ml
function: category: Eau De Toilette (EDT)



Christian Dior[MISS DIOR] Eau de Toilette Natural Spray makes you over into a beautiful butterfly who circles in the air! This tender, elegant and natural fragrance performs the freshness and delights of a Parisian maid.

how to use

Apply on neck or back of the ears after bathing or before going out.


The notes:
Orange Bitter: a tasty fruity fragrance soak a thread of delights and mischief.
Gardenia: a rich floral fragrance that releases a thread of freshness.
White musk: the scent of cotton makes you feel comfortable.