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product name: Gulsha Rosa Damascena Distillate (200ml) item no.: 106564102001 brand: Gulsha
ative from: 2013-10-09 00:00:00 product size: 200 ml country of origin: Turkey
function: category: Aromatherapy



The new Gulsha Rosa Damascena Distillate is extracted from top Damascus rose, which only blossom in May each year. By using the ancient distillation technique to extract 99.9% pure rose water, you skin may enjoy a luxury journey with this Rosa Damascena Distillate.


  • Whitening - natural active vitamin C can improve uneven skin tone, dullness and instantly increase clarity.

  • Moisturizing- by deep moisturizing and form a strong magnetic field of water, this water can maintain the skin soft and smooth, relieve tension, improve dryness and roughness

  • Repairing and regeneration - rich in polyphenols, which can effectively activate and repair the skin and promote cell regeneration, increase skin oxygen and flexibility.

    Delicate and sweet rose scent can help sooth the skin and relax your body and mind.

  • how to use

    1. Cleansing (wipe with cotton pad) 2. Firming (apply on face and neck with gentle tapping) 3. Moisturizing mist 4. Eye mask/face mask (use together with paper mask) 5. Sooth the skin after shaving 6. Add together for bathing 7. Use in aroma mist.


    99.9% pure rose water

    country of origin


    suitable for
    all skin type

    all skin type