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item no.: 106626702001
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specification: 10 piece
functions:Hydrating NourishingDark Spots RemovingWhitening


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product name: Face Q Ellagic Acid Brightening and Firming Mask (10piece) item no.: 106626702001 brand: Face Q
ative from: 2013-07-09 00:00:00 product size: 10 piece country of origin: Taiwan
function: Hydrating NourishingDark Spots RemovingWhitening category: Paper Mask



FACE Q MASK SERIES Ellagic Acid Brightening and Firming Mask add three innovative hyaluronic acids: savings-type hyaluronic acid HA-LQSH, lock water-hyaluronic acid ATH, long-acting hyaluronic acid HYALO-OLIGO, triple moisturizing with each other to fill the gap between the horny skins, forming barrier to lock water.

Ellagic acid, whitening ingredients, whitening complex CellActive ®-WHITE AND B-White, extracted from natural berries, can inhibit Tyrosinase effect and prevent melanin formation, forming skin’s fair complexion, it also eliminates pigmentation spots. Moisturizing ingredients like Tremella polysaccharides make skin more easily absorb the essence.

how to use

After cleansing, apply the mask and wait for 15 minutes. Take it off and gently massage until the essence is fully absorbed.

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all skin type