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functions:MetabolismLow-calorie MealBodyBlocking AbsorptionDetox


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product name: HOME SECRETS Shaping Smoothie - Lemon (1box) item no.: 106631506002 brand: HOME SECRETS
ative from: 2013-09-17 00:00:00 product size: 1 box country of origin: Korea
function: MetabolismLow-calorie MealBodyBlocking AbsorptionDetox category: Slimming Drink



Shaping Smoothie - Lemon provides a delicious way of losing weight. Made with 100% natural fruit pulps and juices, along with fiber-dense konjac and basil seed, this drink enriches your diet with high fiber and satisfies your hunger without the burden of excessive calories.

how to use

Before / in between meals, mix 1 sachet to 200ml cold or room temperature water, milk or soy milk. Stir well and serve immediately. Drink 200-300ml of water after consumption for best results. Adults should not consume more than 10 sachets per day.


Sweetener (erythritol), natural lemon juice powder, basil seed, natural lemon pulp, konjac flour, sweetener (sucralose)

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