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product name: SAM TIN FIRMING LINE
Firming Essence Facial Mask (10piece)
item no.: 106683206021 brand: SAM TIN
ative from: 2013-11-05 00:00:00 product size: 10 piece country of origin: Taiwan
function: category: Paper Mask



SAM TIN DR. MORITA Firming Essence Facial Mask is special designed for a better fit size for face. It gives 24-hour hydration, leaving skin watery, elastic, glittering and translucent. It also contains Organic Elderberry ingredient that helps to smooth and repair skin.

how to use

Apply on cleansed face for 10-15 minutes, massage for better absorbance.


DNA Repairing Element, Organic Elderberry

country of origin


suitable for
all skin type

all skin type