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product name: 2 UP 2UP®Breast Enhancer 8,800mg Collagen Drink (10piece) item no.: 106725803001 brand: 2 UP
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2UP®Breast Enhancer 8,800mg Collagen Drink

Helps to add volume to breast, help you tone and improve the tissues of the breasts. It delivers a visible lift and helps redefining the cleavage and leaves breasts with fuller and firmer shape.

Effects of Major Ingredients:

  • 【Soybean Isoflavones 20mg】: Similar to female hormones, isoflavone stimulates the growth of mammary glands.
  • 【Pueraria Mirifica Extract 1000mg】: Stimulates mammary glands; refines breast contour; prevents sagging and loose skin; firms and tightens breast tissue.
  • 【Papain 500mg】: The breast enhancing hormone of which promotes good mammary glands circulation.
  • 【Fish Collagen 8800mg】: Effective in maintaining elasticity and firmness of breasts. Consume daily to replenish the collagen lost through age.
  • 【Vitamin C 700mg】: Assists the production of additional collagen and enhances dermal metabolism.
  • 【Elastin 30mg】: Strengthens the elastic structure of dermis and hence enhances elasticity.
  • 【Cranberry Juice】: Powerful antioxidant that helps fight aging of skin cells.

how to use

One bottle per day (preferably in the evening). Effects will begin to be noticeable after 3-4 weeks. Best breast-enhancing result can be achieved if used continually for 3 months. Shake before use. Not suitable for individuals allergic to seafood because collagen content of the product is derived from fish.

Use-by Date: Use within 36 months after production. Consume immediately after opening.
Storage: Avoid direct sunlight and high temperature. Store in dry places. Taste best when chilled.
Note: Seek medical or professional advice before use if pregnant. Suitable for expectant mothers in general.


Soybean isoflavone 20mg , Pueraria mirifica extract 1000mg, Papain 500mg, Fish Collagen 8800mg, Vitamin C 700mg, Elastin 30mg, Cranberry Juice.