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item no.: 106749509001
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specification: 200 g
functions:Anti-oxidizingWomen’s CareDetoxMetabolismResillientHydrating


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product name: Meiji Amino Collagen Profec Powder (200g) item no.: 106749509001 brand: Meiji
ative from: 2013-07-30 00:00:00 product size: 200 g country of origin: Japan
function: Anti-oxidizingWomen’s CareDetoxMetabolismResillientHydrating category: Beauty Supplement 



Amino Collagen Profec Powder combines the leading collagen and its beautifying effects with beneficial Profec, created via proprietary Meiji technologies. Taken daily, it generates a sense of inner refreshment and helps keep you beautifully moisturized.

how to use

Take one spoon of powder (around 7g) into cup and mix with juice or water.


Fish collagen peptide (gelatin), maltodextrin, fermented whey (milk-derived), vegetable oil, vitamin C, glucosamine, arginine, thickening agent (gum arabic), emulsifying agent (including soybeans), flavor .

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