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item no.: 106844103005
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specification: 8.3 g Jet Black


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product name: DEJAVU FIBERWIG Lash Up Mascara ( Jet Black ) (8.3g) (Jet Black) item no.: 106844103005 brand: DEJAVU FIBERWIG
ative from: 2013-10-07 00:00:00 product size: 8.3 g country of origin: Japan
function: CurlWaterproof category: Single Mascara



Dejavu Fiberwig Lash Up Mascara

  1. Make a more lasting dimensional thick black curls.
    The thin film forming speed, to prevent eyelashes. Exclusive use of rapid evaporation techniques, accelerated evaporation of water mascara. Mascara can be quickly converted into a film, to prevent the curling lashes to keep lashes lasting dimensional

  2. Formation of a film thick black tough continuous curling eyelashes.
    Strength of the film increased by 2-fold higher than before, the film can be fixed eyelashes robust shape, curling long periods

  3. Farewell "panda eyes"
    Film formulations can block sebum and sweat, easily stained with mascara around the eye, day not smudge.

  4. Warm water removal
    Mascara can be easily removed by warm water. Not to hurt the eyelashes, does not irritate the sensitive skin around the eye

how to use

Before and after using the eyelash curler

  1. Use eyelash curler: Mascara before using eyelash curler eyelashes
  2. Apply Mascara: The short bristles close to the lash roots, then up mascara
  3. Use the eyelash curler: In mascara is completely dry, again using eyelash curler clip once again state fixed curling

* Little by little to the mascara coated layer by layer. Bristles stained with a small amount of mascara, and then coated with several layers, the effect will be better


Water, Ammonium Acrylates Copolymer, Beeswax

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