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item no.: 106006602001
now: US$13.50
RRP: US$ 14.90
save: 9% off
specifications: 100 ml


(3 reviews)
product reviews - 3 reviews
Jyllian Lu


Smoother hair

Works like magic, instant soft hair. I applied on damp hair after showering and my hair has been smooth for days. Great product!




Use it twice instant soften my hair .. ! Not sure about the long term effect but definitely worth a try . Especially for those lazy bone like me ! No waiting no rinsing just apply on ur wet hair st sway !



My new favorite hair product!

This stuff is incredible. It makes my color-damaged hair so smooth and soft. When I use this I keep touching my hair throughout the day because it is so soft! I liked this product so much that I bought the shampoo and conditioner, which are also great. As for the scent, it is floral and pleasant.

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