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product name: Lam Kam Sang Liverin (120capsule(s)) item no.: 102853504001 brand: Lam Kam Sang
function: DetoxMetabolism category: Traditional Chinese Supplement product size: 120 capsule(s)
country of origin: Hong Kong



Lam Kam Sang Liverin is manufactured in accordance with the precious prescription of Chinese raw herbs. It cures different types of Chronic Hepatitis, fat liver and the irregulation of liver function caused by unknown reasons, and early stage of Cirrhosis etc.

For preventions and health:
1. Take Lam Kam Sang Liverin successively for 20-30 days every year. It is effective to prevent diseases caused by the accumulation of toxin, the obstruction of capillary, excess cholesterol and fat in the body. It is effective for keeping fit to take Liverin frequently.
2. Subsides or dispels pimples, whiteheads, dark eye circles and butterfly rashes. The effect is obvious after taking Lam Kam Sang Liverin for 10- 15 days. General healing duration is 30-60 days, but the duration should be prolonged according to the condition seriousness.
3. Frequent drinking would damage internal liver function. Taking Lam Kam Sang Liverin frequently helps relieve alcohol and protect internal liver health.

Case 1:
Mr Yxx, 30 years old,Case No.: Y-14xx. Three generations of relatives, including his brother, died of acute outbreak of chronic hepatitis B. He was also infected at very young age. In recent years, his SGPT was as high as 900U/C. From last year until now, he was treated with interferon, without satisfactory improvement. SGPT was still above 175 U/L, and the symptoms of hepatitis still evident. The patient was treated with LIVERIN®, 3 times a day, 6 pills each time, for 320 days; at which time his liver function was completely recovered. The surface antigen of hepatitis B changed to negative. With 9 years of follow up he continues to enjoy good health.
Case 2:
Mr Mxx, 46 years old,Case No.: M-13xx. The patient developed chronic hepatitis B in 1992. Lab studies showed a high SGPT level, with dark yellow complexion and slightly bloated appearance. He felt swelling and pain in the liver area, lumbago and tired easily. He was treated with LIVERIN® for 30 days( twice a day), 6 pills each time. During the subsequent visit to the doctor on Feb 13, he was found with ruddy complexion, weight gain and no discomfort in the liver area and stomach. By 90 days of therapy the surface antigen of hepatitis B was changed to negative and antibody was detected. He’s now fully rehabilitated.
Case 3:
Ms Wx, 44 years old,Case No.: N-15xx. Three months prior, she felt discomfort in the liver area. The blood test showed abnormal liver function: SGPT 255, SGPT 156. The ultrasonic scanning found many acoustically dense areas in the liver, the bigger one having a diameter of about 4cm. All the hepatitis A, B and C tests were negative. The patient was treated with LIVERIN® 3 times a day, 6 pills each time; 120 days later, a re-check has found her liver function studies back to normal. The ultrasonic scan has shown absence of densities. The patient was ruddy in complexion, feeling very happy. She was advised to take LIVERIN® for another 50 days, twice a day, 6 pills each time to ensure the durability of the treatment effect. She continues to enjoy excellent health.

how to use

Effective: 2-3 bottles
Courses of Treatment: 30-60 Days

To be taken with water after meal. 2 times daily. 6 tablets each time.


Rhizoma Polygoni Cuspidati, Herbal Artemisiae Scopariae, Fructus Ligustri Lucidi, Radix Astragali, Radix Salviae Miltiorrhizae. (Each tablets contains 450mg extract of the mentioned Chinese raw herbs)

country of origin

Hong Kong