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product name: Lam Kam Sang Nasalin (70capsule(s)) item no.: 102992206001 brand: Lam Kam Sang
function: Immunoregulatory category: Traditional Chinese Supplement product size: 70 capsule(s)
country of origin: Hong Kong



Lam Kam Sang Nasalin can rapidly invigorates the body’s resistance against the invasion of diseases and to improves metabolism and blood circulation of every tissue in the nasal cavity. It is effective for eliminating focus such as blood stasis, store-up fluid and mucous pus from the internal nose. It is from the basic point to cure various types of Rhinitis and allergic lesions and to achieve natural recovery.

For indications: Allergic Rhinitis, Pure Rhinitis, Hypertrophic Rhinitis, Atrophic Rhinitis.

For prevention and health: It is effective in strengthening the mucous membrane against cold & flu viruses and air


Case 1:

Mr. Sxx, 39 years old ,Case No. S-12xx, had been suffering from allergic rhinitis for more than 10 years. Repeated attacks occurred when he was in a dusty or air-conditioned environment, after ingesting fried foods or taking shrimp and crab. He had severe stuffy nose at night and had difficulty in breathing. Long-term treatment with western medicine can only give temporary relief. Sneezing and stuffy nose were greatly improved after 10 days of NASALIN® treatment and totally disappeared after 50 days of treatment.

Case 2:

Ms. Sxx, 34 years old, Case No. S-15XX, first diagnosed to have chronic rhinitis. She had increased suppurative nasal secretion for one year, which flowed into the throat and caused laryngitis and pain in the para-nasal, orbital, forehead, internal ear, and tooth root areas. The inflammation was caused by chronic rhinitis. Large amounts of bloody suppurative nasal excretions were expelled and her symptoms were greatly improved after 10 days of NASALIN® treatment. All the inflammation and discomforts disappeared after 65 days of NASALIN® treatment. Another 15 days of NASALIN® was given to avoid relapse. No relapse was found during the follow-up.

Case 3:

Ms. Sxx, 11 years old, Case No. S-15XX. She suffered from simple rhinitis for more than 3 years. She received treatment in the government hospital but had no improvement. There was a productive sticky white or yellowish nasal secretion. The nose was chronically stuffy, she had to breathe through her mouth, and the turbinates were swollen. She received 20 days of NASALIN® treatment. A large quantity of suppurative nasal secretion was noted on the 5th day which subsequently decreased over time. Her respiration was greatly improved, all the symptoms disappeared and the turbinate size returned to normal after 65 days of NASALIN® treatment. No relapse was found in one-year of follow-up.

how to use

Effective: 2 bottles
Courses of Treatment: 30-60 Days

To be taken with warm water after meal.
6-7 capsules each time, twice daily.
Dosage for children should be reduced.


Flos Campsis, Flos Magnoliae, Flos Chrysanthemi Indici, Radix Trichosanthis, Radix Astragali.
Every capsule of Lam Kam Sang® NASALIN contains 500 mg extract of Chinese raw herbs.

country of origin

Hong Kong