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item no.: 107946502001
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specification: 1 piece
functions:HydratingAnti-wrinkleBrighteningMicro ElectricityLaser


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product name: DR.BSC MINI BEAUTICIAN (UPGRADED) (1piece) item no.: 107946502001 brand: DR.BSC
function: HydratingAnti-wrinkleBrighteningMicro ElectricityLaser category: Facial Massage Tools product size: 1 piece
country of origin: Singapore



A highly effective beauty device does not necessarily require complicated operation procedures to perform. The new 2nd generation All-purpose Beauty Device delivers remarkable results and the operation involves just a few simple steps.

DR.BSC All-purpose Beauty Device CLS-T-69 (the 2nd generation of the device & an enhanced version) provides meticulous care to your face, eyes and neck. It helps removing impurities accumulated at deep skin layers, promoting the skin’s absorption of nutrients and activating your skin. Other features include lightening fine lines and dark spots as well as suppressing aging. The upgraded ultrasonic vibration function of which now works at 230Hz, delivering at least 3 times the effects provided by the 1st generation.

10 Major Effects:

Detoxifying & Cleaning:
The device thoroughly removes impurities accumulated in skin and provides deep cleansing effect.

Removing Excessive Grease:
The device helps to keep your skin fresh and natural by improving oil secretion and removing excessive grease on face.

The device helps to lighten dark circles, reduce puffiness and relieve the pressure experienced by skin.

Restoring V-line Shape:
The device restores the V-line shape of face by suppressing aging and enhancing the elasticity of skin.

Improving Skin Tone:
The device restores the natural blush and vitality of skin by detoxifying lymph nodes and improving blood circulation.

Enhancing Absorption:
The device restores the elasticity of skin. That favours the absorption of beneficial ingredients and multiplies the effects of skin products.

Minimizing Pores:
Tightening pores will help retaining moisture in skin and restoring its brightness.

Promoting Metabolism:
The device helps skin to maintain its best condition for a long period.

The device reduces and prevents acnes by effectively disinfecting the skin.

Reforming Skin:
The device improves and reforms the structure of skin while activating skin cells.

The new 2nd generation All-purpose Beauty Device is an enhanced version. It first draws out impurities using blue light and then promotes the penetration of effective ingredients using red light. Working with ultrasonic wave at 230Hz, it allows skin to be restored to its optimum condition in just 3 minutes.

Blue Light Promotes Cleansing
 Blue light, with a wavelength of 415nm, is effective in killing germs.
 +5V positive ions can effectively draw out impurities and grease from the deep layers of skin, keeping pores unblocked.
 Ultrasonic wave further removes and decompose impurities and grease at 230Hz.

Red Light Promotes Penetration
 Red light, with a wavelength of 660nm, promotes repairing of damaged skin and accelerates metabolism.
 -5V negative ions promote the penetration of effective ingredients and enable skin to absorb the active ingredients of products.
 Ultrasonic wave at 230Hz restructures, rejuvenates and firms skin while activating skin cells.


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