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Green Piggy Collagen Pack (100g)
Green Piggy Collagen Pack (100g)
Item no.: 107052702001
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Specification: 100 g

Elizavecca Green Piggy Collagen Pack:

It is so famous skin products in Korea. Let’s try the new beauty method together!

  • Contains 50,000 mg of collagen peptide from pork rinds that provides firming and moisturizing effects., it is effective to replenish water to our skin, can deep water lock, so that make our skin supple, flexible,compact, and fine lines fade

  • It contains natural ingredients such as fermented soybean extrat, macadamia seed oil, cacao seed extracts.

  • It does not contain parabens, ethanol, animal oil, artificial dyes, benzophenone, mineral oil

  • It is effective for moisturizing, anti-aging, firming wrinkled and sagging skin

  • Moisturizing and anti-aging pack for everyone with either dry skin, oily skin or combination skin types

  • It is sweet scent and smooth texture

  • The masks are excellent for both men and women

*** It is overnight mask or daily moisturize mask

Hydrating WhiteningBrighteningPore MinimizingFirmingAnti-wrinkleCollagenAll Skin TypeDry Skin TypeNourishing
How to use

Before sleep, apply proper amount onto the skin. No need to rinse off afterward.

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all skin type